Tickets purchased through this site are WILL CALL ONLY... WE DO NOT MAIL OUT TICKETS FOR ANY EVENT.
Tickets will be held for pickup at the venue on the show date, at the posted door time. ALL TICKET SALES ARE FiNAL.

All online transactions are secure and confidential.


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Please be advised that a $1 - $2 dollar processing fee is added to the sale of each ticket.
Thank you for supporting the unique artists and performers we work with, and the underground scenes they have committed their careers to.

*** At Densixx & Babalon Entertainment we refuse to support Ticketmaster as a ticket outlet.
We sell our tickets through local independent record shops and retailers;
for your convenience we also offer online and "will call" ticket sales through this site, accepting credit cards, debit cards and Paypal.

The reason for this boycott is obvious... not only do they charge ridiculous surcharges to you, the customer, creating an expensive ticket price;
they also charge the promoter on the other end as well, effectively taking money out of the artists' pockets while inflating concert prices.
Add to this their practice of "selling out" their tickets to a sister company in a matter of minutes for large events so they can inflate their prices further...
One asks themself "Why would ANYBODY continue to support such an unethical company?" ***